When the winter snows unleash it is our houses that bear the brunt of the heavy snowfall, and we are often left with leaks and flooding when the snow begins to melt.  We see the till tell signs of the stained walls and the buckled flooring, and we know that there is damage underneath the surface.

One of the most common problems that occurs during winter is frozen pipes bursting and causing flooding and damage behind the walls.  The solution is to first call a plumber to repair the burst pipes to stop the leaking water. The plumber will solve the problem of the leak, but in the process creates another problem to be solved and that is the need for fry wall repair. The plumber must cut open the wall in order to access the pipes to be able to repair them. But the plumber does not repair the wall once his job is completed.  There is also often staining on the lower portion of the wall where the flooding occurred and then must be cut out and replaced or you run the risk of warping of the wall and even worse mold.

The solution to these issues is to call Andy onCall® who can quickly and efficiently take care of all of the dry wall problems that arise from burst pipes, flooding and snow melt.  The skilled Craftsmen at Andy onCall can quickly repair the dry wall that had been cut by the plumber within a matter of hours. They can cut and replace the stained dry wall at the bottom of a wall from flooding. In both cases the damaged walls will look as pristine as they did before any damage occurred in short order.  Our Craftsmen will give you a written estimate and time frame ahead of time, if anything changes during the course of work you will be immediately informed, once the work is complete, our craftsmen will clean up the area in which they worked and it will looked as if they were never there.

So if the harsh winter weather is giving you the blues, don’t worry, one call to Andy onCall will take care of all of your dry wall damage whether it is staining or warping or cutting by a plumber.  Our craftsmen have the skill and expertise to solve any dry wall issue you may find you are faced with.