Because your deck is exposed to the elements year round, it is important to maintain it properly. Proper scheduled deck maintenance will extend the life of your deck by several years. Without annual power washing and staining the lifespan of your deck is drastically shortened. But don’t worry, our skilled Evanston handymen have the experience needed to not only maintain or repair your deck, but they can also teardown an old deck and replace it with a beautiful new one.Deck Maintenance in Evanston


Power Washing – this is a high powered cleaning system that is used to deeply penetrate and clean the surface of your deck, patio, shed or other structure. It is a simple process but one that is necessary before applying a fresh coat of stain to your deck. Power washing should be performed annually and followed with staining if appropriate.

Deck Sanding – Sometimes it is necessary to sand the wood on your deck before stain can be applied. Sanding will smooth out any splintering or rough spots that may be in the wood. It is during this step that any raised nails will be replaced or hammered flat and any rotted or split wood will be replaced.

Deck Staining – This important task is crucial if you want to protect the surface of your deck. By regularly power washing and staining you can extend the life of your deck by years. Without the protection of regular power washing and staining your wood will quickly split and rot. The stain should be applied as soon as the wood is dry from power washing.Applying protective varnish to deck.

Deck Repair – If your deck has any split or rotted boards, we can quickly and efficiently replace the damaged wood and replace it with new planks. If your railing is loose or wobbly or showing signs of wear, just give Andy OnCall® a call and one of our highly trained handymen will be over to resolve the situation.

Deck Stair Repair – If year round weather has caused your deck stairs to suffer damage, we can help. Our experienced Evanston handymen can repair or replace broken steps, railings or planks or wood.
To extend the life of your deck and keep it looking its best, contact Andy OnCall and we will take care of the job for you. This is a repair that is best addressed sooner rather than later since your deck is exposed to all kinds of weather. You don’t want a small problem to turn into a big one by delaying, so call us today.