Tiling_mThe first step in ensuring a successful tile installation or repair is to hire a professional you can trust. Andy OnCall® is the trusted expert for all your tile needs. From floor surface installation or removal and replacement to grout and polishing, all work performed by Andy OnCall® is performed by dependable, experienced craftsmen.

From time to time, tiles may become loose, cracked, chipped and damaged in spite of the very best of care. Missing tiles are more than just an eyesore; they invite mold and moisture in to the tiled surfaces as well. Tile repair should be addressed as soon as you detect the problem. You can do a few tile repairs by yourself, but larger jobs generally require the assistance of experts.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, then call Andy to remedy the situation:Tile_m

house 2 Loose, cracking, stained or moldy grout
house 2 Chips and cracks in the tile
house 2 Difficulty matching old and new tiles and/or grout due to fading
house 2 The tile too loose on the tile adhesive, causing it to sound empty or hollow when tapped
house 2 Tiles lifting off the floor or wall entirely

Our tile and flooring services include: Installation of engineered flooring (tile or laminate*), installation or repair of tile fireplace trim, installation or trim of tile countertops and backsplashes, replacement of damaged tiles and complete grout work.

*Andy OnCall® does not install the following flooring products: Hardwood, Vinyl, Carpet.


Call Andy to take care of all of your tiling needs.