Like most things in life, sometimes it’s the things that are used the most that are noticed the least. Like all the doors in your home — in and out of rooms, to closets and utility rooms. But after a closer look, the scratches, cracks, old hinges and outdated style can be hard to miss. And so we have arrived at our next home improvement project: Dull Doors.By replacing worn, tired interior doors you give your home an updated look for a relative affordable price versus an expensive remodel.

There are actually a lot of options that you might not even think about when it comes to your interior doors. For example, double doors are a much more functional and attractive alternative to sliding doors and bi-fold doors, while French-style doors can add natural light and architectural detail to a space. All this, is provided you have the space for them. Remember, there may be a reason for the bi-fold or pocket doors that are currently there.

If you are updating a home that has the dreaded hollow-core doors, one of the best things you can do, is to replace the interior doors with solid doors. They do not have to be paneled doors, although those are nice, but a nice solid door with nice hardware really adds a lot to a home.  It somehow makes the entire house feel more solid.

Installing interior doors can be a job for do-it-yourselfers, it can quickly turn into a bigger job than expected, especially when replacing doors in older homes, where nothing is quite square.  Most doors are not going to just fall into place. The jobs often involve cutting, trimming and shaping the door to size, and sometimes replacing the molding.

Interior doors have a lot of visual impact on your home. The good news is you can virtually “replace” all of your doors without spending excessively. Here are some additional ways to make over your interior doors without replacing them:

  • Paint them: Darker doors tend to make your home look more expensive. Colored doors can look much more modern and whimsical than traditional wood toned doors.
  • Change the doorknobs: Updated hardware is an instant fix for outdated doors, but remember to change out the hinges as well for a unified appearance.
  • Add molding to flat doors: Molding creates depth and dimension and gives an elegant, expensive feel to any doorway.

Our advice to homeowners looking to replace interior doors is for them to do their research, have an idea of what they like, know their budget, remember to include hardware for each door including hinges, and call Andy onCall to install the doors once they have made their selection.