Treat Your Deck with Renewable & Earth Friendly Materials

Andy onCall® has adopted a new way of treating and sealing decks that is both renewable and Earth friendly.

We continue to use all of our tried and true procedures for stripping and preparing the wood for refinishing and sealing and are using the same skilled craftsmen that we have been using for years that have been preforming this type of work for many years and are well versed in working with wood and bringing the best out in the grain. But now we have incorporated two new elements: Linseed oil Paint and stain and pine tar. Both of which are renewal-able resources and environmental friendly. Both of these products are solvent –free and that’s good for your deck and good for the environment.

Once you have applied linseed oil and pine tar you will never have to scrape your deck or porch is fast drying, does not peel, crack or cause wood to decay and has zero waste. It can come in a variety of colors and can last anywhere from 3-5 years.

Pine tar has been used for centuries as a sealant to create a water repellant barrier on wood, rope and other materials and for its gentle antiseptic properties. Pine Tar has been use for its wood preservation effects on fencing, roofing, cabins, boats, etc. As a superior wood preservative it eliminates the need for pressure treated wood and it work ideally for wood that will be placed underground, such as deck supports or fence posts.

Call Andy onCall today about this new product line and how it can benefit your deck or porch.