Tiling Time

A porch greets your guests as they come to your home. Something that would make your home stand-out from the others would be a beautiful tiled porch. A tiled porch can stand up to the elements while also making a statement about you and your home.  If you have an enclosed front porch you have even more options to choose from, but either way you can still have a memorable porch.

One of the great benefits of a tile porch of the ease of care.  Just a quick sweep with a broom and the pollen of light dust disappears. If a bit more dirt has accumulated, say after a storm, then a quick spray with the hose and the porch looks fresh and good as new in no time at all.

The tile, color and design choices for your porch whether covered, enclosed or open to the elements are seemingly endless. Beginning with the often seen terra cotta usually used in Spanish or Italian styled homes to a rustic or tumbled finish stone in earth tones. There are granite tiles, although if not properly treated, can be slippery. There are porcelain tiles which many consider the best tiles for outdoor use due to the mixture of refined clay and sand fired under pressure at high temperatures makes them water resistant and very dense to stand up to high levels of traffic. There is always brick as well. 

Once you have decided on the tile itself, you have to decide on the pattern that you will have it laid. Will it be herringbone, straight, diagonal, running bond, checkerboard, diagonal with dots, modular, basket weave or windmill? There are more, but these are more options, but these are the ten most common. Of course, you may decide on purchasing a tile that has a pre-designed patterned. Between type of tile and style of installation there is certainly a lot to think about. However, whatever you end up choosing, you can be certain it will look wonderful, particularly if you have one of Andy OnCall’s skilled craftsmen do the job for you.