The Realtor® Connection

As a Realtor® it is important to have a team of people that you can rely on to help your client’s with whatever it is that they may need.  Examples of some of these professional would or could include: mortgage brokers, insurance agents, architects, plumbers, electricians, landscapers and handymen.  Realtors have a unique relationship with their clients.  Although it is by its nature transactional, it is also strongly relationship-based.  In fact, I would say that it is relationship first, and transactional second.  For a residential transaction, there are typically a lot of emotions involved. And although it is definitely a financial decision it is also an emotional one.  It is for this reason that the realtor-client relationship is built on trust and dependence.  The realtor is oftentimes viewed as an expert in fields that they are not expert in. This is why it is important for realtors to have a strong support team to rely upon to be able to step in and help the client out in the areas where experts are needed.  The realtor can recommend and the expert can deliver and the realtor is the hero.

The role of a handyman is versatile to a realtor.  A handyman can help in the pre-listing process to get the house in the best condition possible in order to bring the highest offer to the home seller.  The Handyman can come in and go through the home and point out and then repair any issues that could become potential problems during negotiations or as a result of a home inspection.   A handyman/craftsman and also convert unused attic space into an additional bedroom, finish the basement, give a facelift to the bathroom, give a fresh coat of paint both inside and out, add a deck and much more, all of which will increase the intrinsic value of the home and make it show much better.

For realtor’s working with buyer clients, a handyman/craftsman can be invaluable when called in to give advice and estimates about minor re-workings of space in a potential purchase or perhaps what it would cost to work through a punch-list created by a home inspector, or the cost to update the bathrooms, or paint the interior or the exterior or both, etc. and then once the sale has closed, the handyman can begin work immediately and the new homeowner can get the home they envisioned quickly and for the price they were quoted.

Perhaps the realtor is working with a commercial client who is looking to purchase some strip retail space and need to convert it back to vanilla boxes. A handyman can take care of that as well. Or maybe this commercial client is purchasing rental property but isn’t interested in the actual necessary rehab work that is necessary and the ongoing maintenance. You guessed it, again the handyman can take care of this as well.

As you can see the realtor/handyman connection is a vital one and one that is extremely versatile as well.  A good realtor should have at least 3 handymen on speed dial, and one of those should be Andy OnCall if they want to be recommending the highest level of handymen and craftsman services in the area.  Our handymen and craftsmen are all highly skilled and have at least 12 years of experience and all of them are ready to treat your clients like gold.