This week’s blog pick’s up where last week’s blog left off…identifying ways in which to make your house unique through architectural details.  Last week we covered doorways, nooks and crannies and fireplaces. This week we will begin with the fifth wall.

The ceiling is often a forgotten space in a home.  But this is a place that is relative easy to add a little architectural flair in the form of ceiling plaster design, recessed lighting, crown molding, etc. When you add architectural detail to your ceiling the entire room takes on a more dramatic flair. In addition to the forms of enhancements listed above, another popular method of adding detail to a ceiling in a dramatic way is to paint a mural on your ceiling.  The point is, ceilings can be enhanced by paint, by wood, by plaster, by lighting.  When thinking about adding unique details to your home, don’t forget to look up!

Next up are the walls the wrap around us and keep us safe, warm in the winter and cool in the summer. How are we going to make them unique? Well, how about bringing a bit of the outside in?  It’s rich, sophisticated, and calming. It’s hard to go wrong with using natural materials like flat cut stones in décor, but as an accent wall, the effect is completely stunning.

Wallpapering one wall in a room and then placing furnishings against the accent wall which are monochromatic, further increases its visual impact.

If you have a large wall that you want to remain solid and in keeping with the rest of your room’s existing décor, try adding texture to it as a way to make it look more lively. Three dimensional ripples that catch the light in different ways. Waves, or repeated molding designs, can give your room a sophisticated feeling. Moldings are tough to pull off, so it best to hire an expert if you want a textured wall.

Oh, world maps, aren’t these the best? Particularly the full-wall versions. There is almost always somewhere where one of these would go perfect! In fact, where wouldn’t a mammoth-sized world map as accent wall NOT be perfect?

If you find you have some odd shaped wall-lengths that you are having difficulty filling, then have custom Bookcases/Shelves created to fill the spaces perfectly.  To make them even more unique find some old stain glass windows as doors, or use something meaningful to the family as a topper.  The point is make it your own.

When in doubt, Paint! The head of the bed tends to be a bedroom’s inherent feature wall, so using an color to make the accent wall obvious is a fun idea.

A dark accent wall adds presence and maturity to an otherwise light room. Consider tying in a few darker furniture or accent pieces for balance.

By using a stencil and the combination of flat and high-gloss paint, anyone can achieve the look of luxe wallpaper for an accent wall. This is simultaneously subtle and impactful. And everyone who enters will surreptitiously touch the wall to see if it is paint or wallpaper.

All of these ideas are meant to spark the creative energy in you to get you to think about your house in a different way.  We here at Andy onCall would love to help you to decide what changes you want to make to your house in order to make it uniquely yours.  We are skilled, ready and waiting.