For homeowners looking to spice up their kitchen without spending a pretty penny, adding a backsplash is a great solution, not to mention the perfect project for the weekend.

You can completely change the look of your kitchen, and customize your backsplash to fit your personality relatively inexpensively.

Just a few years ago, a consumer had only about 40 tiles to choose from. Today, you can choose from more than 400 different styles and sizes, ranging from classic subway tile to natural stone to metal and in a wide variety of colors. While adding more functionality to a kitchen (in terms of added protection to the walls), a backsplash can also help accessorize and emphasize countertops, cabinets and appliances. A backsplash can also add that extra little something that makes a kitchen pop.

Installation can be a relatively simple process, but it is very tedious as well as labor and time intensive, so you either want to plan for an entire weekend for the project, or hire a professional like Andy onCall who has years of experience in installing tile.

Two pitfalls do-it-yourselfers need to be careful of are not taking the time to prep and not taking the time to lay out a template; which can result in irregular lines or spaces. Another amateur mistake is not cleaning off the grout completely, which leaves a nasty haze once it dries that is almost impossible to remove. If you want to be sure to avoid these common errors, give Andy onCall a call and let them take care of the job for you!

If you’d like to kick your kitchen design up a notch, a backsplash will help emphasize your countertops, cabinets and appliances. For a kitchen that needs color and life, a flashy or textured tile can shake up a plain color scheme. For a kitchen is already full of personality, sleek, neutral tile can add a touch of elegance and unity to the room’s look.

In conclusion, don’t overlook the contribution a new backsplash can make. And best of all, adding a tile backsplash doesn’t require taking down cabinets or redoing your countertops. Most kitchens will only require only a few boxes of tiles to create a new backsplash that will give the kitchen look you are dreaming of.”

If a backsplash isn’t your thing…

You can pull off several small projects that make your kitchen feel like a whole new space.

Cabinet re-facing could be tempting, but what if you want to take a faster route? All you really need to do to change the look of your cabinets is simply a change of hardware. For between two and six bucks per knob or pull, you can buy new hardware that is easy to install with a screwdriver or drill. In the matter of 30-45 minutes your cabinets will have a whole new look.