What easier way to brighten and warm your rooms than with new lights, lamps or ceiling fans. Plus it’s an easy and affordable way to update the style of any room.

New lights are a great way to accent new kitchen and bathroom renovations, as well as to save on your energy bill with ceiling fans which push heat and air back down into the room.

LED-style lights, which come in contemporary and bold styles, also provide a money-saving options. Having dimmers installed in areas like the family room or dining room can also save you money, while allowing you to set the ambiance of the room.

Besides pendant lighting, another style that is gaining in popularity, is Steampunk, which is a cross between vintage and industrial designs. This type of fixture works well in loft spaces and larger areas. But for a more romantic feel, a crystal chandelier is still a timeless, classic choice.

When it comes to installation and electrical it’s always best to hire a professional, like Andy onCall, so you know it’s done right. This is particularly true when it comes to ceiling fans, you definitely want to be sure they aren’t loose or wobbly.

Track lighting is another way to change to entire feel of a room. One of the benefits of track lighting is that you can direct the lights to highlight specific items in the room like pieces of art, for example.

There is an ever growing amount of choices when it comes to lighting for your home. When it comes to selecting the ceiling fixtures, first ask yourself: what feeling do I want people to have while they are in the room? Once you have answered that question, you will be well on your way to selecting the right fixture for you and the room.