Hardwood flooring is naturally beautiful, and very popular. But sometimes you may feel like you want to change things up. Perhaps the floor has become worn and faded, or has been scratched or damaged, or maybe you are just want to try something new. The good news is there are various floor paint techniques can be used to achieve a variety exquisite and stylish effects.

First let’s look at the paints for painting wood floors. There are numerous paints that are specifically formulated to be used on floor. Paints, such as oil based acrylics will provide a harder finish that will be more resistant to scratches and wear and tear than latex-based paints. However it’s possible that your local municipality may have restrictions against the use of oil-based treatments, so be sure to have your handyman check this out before he begins your project.

Wear and Tear: One drawback to paint is that it does show wear and may start to chip or fade over time.   So when you are selecting an area to paint the floor of keep this in mind.  A room or space that has low to moderate “traffic” or “activity” would work best for a painted floor. If you really want to use paint in a high ”traffic” area, then high you will need to use special wear-resistant paint with epoxy resins. This will help to keep your floor looking good for a longer period of time.

Let’s talk about style: So now that we have talked about the type of paint and the best type of space in your house to paint a floor, let’s move on to the various techniques and style that you can choose from.

One Bold Solid Color: For a dramatic effect, you can you once solid paint color on your hardwood floors.  By using one color you will be able to cover up most of the floors imperfections, but it also acts (design-wise) as a 6th wall and a dramatic palette to set your furniture and carpets on, all of which will now stand out more due to the contrast.

Whites and Pastels: White has a nice effect in a space, it makes everything feel fresh and crisp. By contrast darker colors will be more dramatic and striking. Softer pastels can create a soft surrounding for babies and tots. A summery porch feels lighter and brighter all year round with a crisp white painted floor.

Primary colors: Children’s bedroom and play areas are the perfect setting for bright primary colors to excite and engage your brood.

The bonus to solid painted flooring is that it is not only easy to clean and care for, but when you decides that you are ready for something new, it is relatively easy to paint over the surface and start with a fresh palette.

In my next posting, I will be discussing moving beyond color and into design, so be sure to check back for the exciting trends in floor painting.  Call Andy onCall and schedule your appointment today for a free estimate with one of our highly skilled handymen who can help you navigate the latest painting design style and execute them all with the greatest of ease!