Okay, so onward with the latest flooring painting trends. Don’t be bound with simply painting the floor a single color! NO! There are lots of other options out there for you to explore!  I have gathered a few of the more interesting ideas below for your consideration:

Borders, edges and trim, Oh my! By only painting the border, edge or trim of your flooring, you are still leaving the meaty center for an artisan, oriental or heirloom rug.  So you can still be a little adventurous and still keep you focal point the same.  By painting the edges (or a border or trim) of the floor in a contrast color of your choice, you help to enlighten and outline the space, drawing the eye away from the middle, and creating and impression of a larger space.  By only painting the outer border of the floor you are also allowing the natural beauty of the hardwood shining through where it is not covered.

Checkers or Chess: Perhaps the most popular pattern in painted flooring is the checkerboard.  By using black and white (most popular), or any two contrasting colors, the floor can be painted into in squares or rectangles to create a dynamically flowing space. When combined with the lines between the planks to it creates a seemingly simple, yet textured floor pattern that is stunning.

Designs, Emblems, Motifs: If you have an artistic side, you can get really creative and have your handyman trace out elaborate emblems, designs, motifs and other patterns onto your hardwood floor. Since this is such a delicate and detailed work, in most cases, this should be left up to the skills of a professional handyman painter from Andy onCall.

Stenciling:  Similar to the above, but less intricate. These patterns, which have been cut into guides which your handyman will set against the floor, are usually fairly simple, elegant, and often repeating. Your handyman will apply the paint using a special stencil brush that has particularly sharp bristles, making it easier to maintain the definite outline of more complex shapes.  Stencils are great for borders, edges or a statement design in the center of a floor.

Make a Statement: Sometimes you will have an absolutely beautiful hardwood floor, except for that stain, burn hole, scrape, whatever mar in the center of the room.  You have tried covering it with furniture and rugs but it just ends up making the layout of your room look odd.  Painting a statement design over the offending spot mat be your solution.  By using either a stencil or a motif, emblem or other design you can cover the problem area and turn a negative into a positive.

When you are ready to discuss the pros and cons of painting your hardwood floor and discudd what is the best option for you, call Andy onCall and we will help guide you through the process to a whole new floor.