Ever feel like the walls are closing in?

Ever feel like the walls are closing in on you? Do feel like you are missing out on what’s going on in your own home, because you are stuck in the kitchen and everyone else is in another room having fun without you? Do you feel more like a caterer than a host at your own parties, missing who has even been there because you are stuck in a kitchen that is separate from the rest of the house? Well we can solve that for you!

Our skilled, experienced craftsmen have years of experience solving problems just like these.  We can open up that wall and make that tight closed in space feel enormous.  Where once the space was closed off from the rest of the house, now it’s right in the mix of things. You can entertain and be part of the party at all times. You won’t believe the difference opening up a wall will make in your daily life.

Perhaps it’s not your kitchen that feels small and closed in but another room, perhaps a bedroom or an office?  Whatever the room, we can most likely either take down a wall to the adjacent room (double the size of your existing space), or open it up at least to a half way point creating a pass through. Either remedy will create the extra space you are looking for.

Let’s not forget about the basement.  If you have a basement that is sitting unused and unfinished, we can put up drywall and create separate rooms for various uses, offices, hobbies, family rooms, kid’s playrooms, etc.

If you have a need to either take walls down or put walls up, give Andy OnCall a Call and our experienced and skilled craftsmen will handle the job for you in no time, and leave happy and wondering why you waited so long to call us!