When the dog days of summer arrive, you may decide it’s better to spend your time indoors rather than outdoors. This is a great time to get a jump start on decluttering and organizing your home for the coming months when you will be forced to stay inside due to the weather.  The next several blogs will be devoted to projects that can be done before the winter months lock us all indoors.Decluttering your home is something that can ongoing process. So it is best to schedule an allotted amount of time to try and tackle say one room a week and give yourself maybe 30 minutes to accomplish this,  Some key trouble spots are anywhere that stacks of mail or other items routinely appear.  This could be a kitchen counter, a table in the living room or desk in the office or someplace else.  Another trouble spot is the coffee table in the family room or den.  Nightstands tend to be a collection point as well.  You get the idea and you know your own homes’ clutter points.

One way to cut back on the traditional clutter spots is to add items to hold the clutter.  For example.  A box or basket to hold the mail, an organizer to hold all the remotes and coasters in the family room, etc… But be careful that these don’t just become new spots for clutter to gather!

Another source of clutter is magazines and periodicals.  It seems as if more and more arrive every time mail is delivered and there are articles that you want to read so you don’t throw away the magazine and the pile grows and grows, so you put them in a basket and arrange them so they look nice, but more keep arriving… Here’s the bottom line, you gotta bite the bullet, go through the stack and throw away the majority of these magazines.  If you haven’t read that article in the last 8 months, you are not going to, so either read right then, or through away the magazine.

As you go through your home you will find other some gathering spots of clutter, and you can either deal with them as you see them or schedule them in for your 30 minutes a week. But as I stated earlier, don’t try to tackle the entire house all at once. If you do, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and defeated before you’ve even made a dent. I recommend you start small, and go slow, begin with one shelf, or one corner, and work until you’ve got it looking exactly how you want it. By working this way you’ll be seeing the positive progress you’re making as you go.

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