Custom Carpentry Repairs

Having a beautiful wood deck, beautiful wood trim around your windows and doors a visual delight and lovely wood moldings throughout your home are highlights that you enjoy. All of these items and more in your home are the result of custom carpentry and when anything happens to any of these items, you need a skilled carpenter to repair them.

Let’s start with the deck first, what might happen to your wonderful wood deck that you have taken such good care of, power-washing then staining and sealing it each spring, if a step breaks? If a railing breaks? If a floor board splits?  In all three of these examples you would need a skilled craftsmen to come in and make the repair for you so that the replacement piece will blend in perfectly with the rest of the deck and no one will be the wiser.

This of course all also applies to porches: plain porches, screen porches, sun porches.  Because porches are a mix of both inside and outside, they are susceptible at one time or another of needing repairs to their wood work or stairs.  These repairs will have to be made be a carpenter who is experienced and skilled at their craft.

Now, moving indoors, if you experience damage to any of your crown molding, trim work, door and window trim from moving furniture around, horseplay, or other misadventure, you will need to have the damage repaired.  In order to repair that damage you will need to call upon the skills of an experienced and skilled craftsman, and fortunately, Andy OnCall has just the man for the job.  You can trust that our craftsmen have at least 15 years of skilled carpentry experience and are ready to tackle and job, inside or out.

Speaking of our skilled carpenters.  If you have a need for any custom carpentry work either inside or outside we are happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote and ides about can be done.  If you have an awkward space inside that you are not sure what to do with, or how to fill it, we will take a look and give you our thoughts.  If you are interested in creating a unique space in your backyard, let us know your ideas and we will provide with a realistic quote.  Our carpentry love to work on custom projects, so call us with yours today.