When you make your New Year’s resolutions next year will getting organized be one of them?? If you want to get started on that resolution now, or you just plain want to get your home better organized, then one of the best places to start is your closets.  They are without a doubt one of the biggest culprits when it comes to clutter-creep, mostly because we can simply close the door and ignore it.  Once you have organized your closets, the rest of the house is a piece of cake. That’s why I recommend tackling your closets first.To begin with you’ll have to pull everything out so you will know exactly what you are dealing with. And I don’t just mean the clutter-creep that has slowly invaded the once neat closet, I mean everything.  If the way your closet had been arrange previously was working, you wouldn’t have had the clutter-creep.

Once you have everything out of your closet, then sort your items into similar piles.  While you are doing this think about each item and really decide if it is an item that you wear or use often enough to warrant keeping. If not then create a donate pile for the items that are in good shape that you (or a family member) no longer wears, needs or fit into. Be sure to keep a list of what you are adding to your donate pile for tax purposes.

No that you have gone through the contents of your closet and thinned out what was in it, it’s time to take a good hard look at your closet and determine the best use of the space that you have so you won’t have this issue again in 6 months. If you are thinking about adding organizers to your closet, or re-configuring your closet, this is the perfect time to call Andy onCall®, when the closet is empty and your Andy onCall® craftsman can make the best recommendation for the available space.

If you can create a place for everything, you’ll be more likely to properly store your items. There are a multitude of things that can be done to customize a closet for your specific needs. In fact there are stores that sell nothing but closet organization units. But we first must remember that different closets serve different purposes and so they may have different solutions.  In the next blog we will tackle bedroom closets, and in the blog after that we will address coat closets.