Does your Bedroom closet need a little organization? Then it’s time to get started on organizing your bedroom closet by getting rid of the clutter and re-styling your closet with these organizer ideas.

Cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be difficult, but can be time-consuming depending upon how long it has been since you last cleaned out our closet.  Read the previous blog for tips on how to best clean out our closet. 

Considering one of the first things you see in the morning is your bedroom closet, the idea of having an well- organized closet can be very motivating. Today there are literally hundreds of closet style and ideas available to fit just about any closet and any budget. Certainly enough to help you meet your desires of having a better bedroom closet.

The number one problem people complain about their closets, is not having enough space. That’s why it helps to set specific areas for specific items: all your shirts go on one rack, pants on another, T-shirts on a shelf, and so on. Once you have decided where each type of clothing will go you can begin the process of returning the items to the closet in their pre-determined places. See-through bins can solve the problem of clutter gathering. They also force you to organize your clothes properly and let you see when it’s time for a quick clean-up. This is of course if you choose not to change your closet.

For those that are looking to add organizational pieces to their closets, there are a few inexpensive options to consider.  Number one among them is the quickest and cheapest way to double the size of a single rod closet is to add a second rod.  To do this you need to first raise the single rod to allow room for the second rod to be placed far enough off the ground to accommodate skirts, shirts or folded pants.

Another way to make more space in your closet is to remove the items you wear and use the most: Coats, cardigans, bags, and your most-used shoes can go on a simple wooden ladder or a chic rack in your room, rather than in your closet.

The space on the back of your closet door is a great place to add a row of baskets, hooks and other holders, so that items that belong in your closet, but don’t fit on a hanger or take up too much shelf space, suddenly find a home.

If your shelves are in an awkward location and it’s hard to keep the items on the shelves neat and organized, try adding drawers that you can pull out and will keep the contents well contained for you and minimize the clutter.

If you are looking to make a more drastic change to your closet, then as I said in the previous blog the time to call in your Andy onCall® craftsman is when the closet is empty. This way he can best evaluate the available space and discuss your needs and wishes with you and then come up with a plan that will work for you and your budget.

Regardless of whether you add organizers to your closet or simple organize what you have the most important way to stay organized is to make a habit of it. Folding and sorting your clothes each time you put them away is so important. Clutter begins when you start haphazardly throwing items into the closet without a care, in no time you have piles and clutter-creep.  So make a point and taking an extra few minutes to properly fold, hang and stack everything properly. If you do, there will be less clutter in the long run.


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