So now that you are in the proper frame of mind to select your paint for your spring interior refresh. And you know the difference between the various paints, Let’s think a little more in depth about the spaces you want to paint and see if we can’t make the paint selection process a little more streamlined.

What is the purpose of the space?
Before you select any color, you must first determine what the room or space is to be used for, remember that whatever colors you choose will set the tone or mood of the room. For example, busy room like a family room can handle a bolder color scheme, and it goes without saying that a playroom for children will not work well with colors that will easily show dirt.

What is the lighting in the space?
Rooms with a lot of natural light can manage darker colors better than smaller spaces with limited light. But if you are partial to a darker pallet but you are working with a smaller space, you could always add more lighting to offset the darker tones in your desired color scheme

What is the scale of the room?
A neutral (earth tone) or light color palette can make a small room look larger. A large room can typically handle bolder colors. High-ceilinged rooms come off as stark and cold with a neutral or light color palette. A long narrow room can be literally broken up by a split color scheme and a small space can be visually lengthened using a monochromatic palette on walls, ceilings and moldings.

What furnishings and decor do I already own?
Choose your color scheme based on what you already own in terms of furniture, art, rugs and window treatments.  It is infinitely easier to and more cost-effective to match paint to what you already own rather than to start trying to buy things to match your new paint color.

What is the focal point in the space?
What is it that you want people to notice when they enter the space? That is your focal point. You want to be sure that your color scheme compliments the flow of your space and your focal point.

Do the colors I’m considering clash with adjoining spaces?
In order to maintain a connectivity throughout your home, you want to make sure that the colors from one room flow nicely into the next. As the visible doorway from one room into the next is considered part of the décor you want to be sure that the color palette between the various rooms complement each other.

How do certain colors make me feel?
It is perhaps most important of all to ask yourself, “how does this color make me feel?” The bottom line is this is your space. You need to feel comfortable in it, regardless of what the latest trend is.  If the space seems to be begging for a vivid bold color but you would prefer a softer pastel, then go with the pastel.  Ultimately you must be happy with the color and the space.

Now that you have taken all of these considerations into account you are ready to call Andy onCall and have one or our highly skilled Handymen come out to give you an estimate on your painting job.