Paint ColorA new coat of paint or new wall treatments can transform your home, giving it a renewed look. Whether your next paint job is exterior or interior, let Andy OnCall® be your trusted partner. It’s the details that make a house a home: the subtle way the paint or wall covering compliments a room’s furnishings and artwork; the open, airy feeling that paint and light can give a small bathroom; the warm, welcoming atmosphere in a bright and sunny foyer. It’s these details that make Andy OnCall® the right company to transform the inside your home.

Andy OnCall® specializes in the caulking, priming and preparation that are essential parts of every painting project. The careful measurement and placement of patterned wallpaper that separates an average wallpaper job from a superior one are hallmarks of our craftsmen. Whether you need wallpaper installation or removal and paint, our craftsmen and painters are up to the task. If you need a single room or your complete house redone, Andy OnCall® provides experience you can trust and quality you can count on from initial preparation to thorough cleanup when the work is complete.

We provide the following painting and wall treatment services:

house 2 Full service interior painting, staining, drywall repair, and carpentry repairPaint Can
house 2 Full service exterior painting, staining, carpentry repair, and deck repair
house 2 Painting accents, base boards and trim
house 2 Hanging wallpaper
house 2 Adding wallpaper borders
house 2 Applying bead board and wainscoting
house 2 Adding chair rails
house 2 Wallpaper Removal
house 2 Porch and deck staining/sealing


Drywall_mDrywall is something that you don’t want to notice in your home.  If you do notice your drywall, than it’s a sign that there is a problem. That’s why when you’re doing home remodeling, it’s important to hire a professional handyman you can trust. Andy OnCall® can provide you with reliable drywall installation, patch and replacement services. Whether you have a damaged area that needs repair or you want to start fresh with matching texture, all of our work is performed by experienced craftsmen.  For something that you shouldn’t notice, drywall involves several intricate steps in the installation process, which is why it is generally recommend that you hire a professional to install it.

Our drywall services include: Repair of discolored and damaged areas (including water spots on the ceiling), framing to install a patch or replacement panels, taping, mudding and floating seams, priming to hide seams, priming and painting.  We even repair or replace damaged ceilings or plaster walls.


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