With the holiday’s right around the corner, that usually means guests staying over.  As you prepare for the annual arrival of friends and family you come across the guest bath that you put off doing anything about last year.  It only looks older this year. You still have time to turn your tired old guest bath into an updated dream bath for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.

Andy onCall® specializes in bathroom “facelifts” that will have both you and your guests all smiles for the holidays.  But don’t worry your house won’t be a mess for the holidays. Instead of completely tearing apart your entire bathroom, the skilled craftsmen at Andy onCall® simply replace the vanity and toilet and then make any other small upgrades that are needed to transform your bathroom from dull and dated to new and smashing.  Additional updates may include new lighting, new mirror or medicine cabinet, shelving, new paint and in some cases new flooring.  The facelift can be completed in generally less than two weeks, leaving you plenty of time to add your finishing touches.

Some of your finishes may include: a small rug, art work, a small plant, decorative Knick Knacks, etc. whatever you add to your new bath, be sure that it shows it off to its best advantage.  Be careful not to add too much and create a cluttered look, you want your new bathroom to shine. And the best part about your new bath is that after the holidays are over and your guests have departed, you will still have your bath to enjoy. 

So don’t delay, call Andy onCall® today and get started on your guest bathroom facelift for the holidays! Your guests will thank you!