Most coat closets are often a ridiculously small space, given the Chicago weather that we live in. But that doesn’t excuse t it being cluttered. Even though we have to accommodate heavy winter coats, raincoats and indeterminate weather coats, by implementing a few simple changes can take our coat closet from cluttered to organized.

As discussed in a previous blog, the quickest and cheapest way to double the size of your closet is to add a second rod to the existing clos

et. To do this, simply raise the existing rod to accommodate the addition of the second road so the second rod can hold coats and jackets without them resting on the floor. Adding a shelve above the rods can accommodate hats. Adding hooks mounted to the walls will allow for jackets to be hung quickly, minimizing the habit of coats being tossed onto living room furniture.

If you have the room, you can also add shelves at the end of the rods which can be useful for keeping baskets that store outdoor accessories, such as compact umbrellas, gloves and scarves. A small boot shelf can also come in handy for organizing a few pairs of boots that are used on a regular basis. Other grab-and-go necessities that might be stored on coat closet hooks include a backpack, bookbag or a foldable stroller.

Remember when you are adding hooks and bins to your closet to keep in mind the height of the children that you want to use them.  If you place them too high thee kids will simply throw their items on the floor and close the closet door. So in the end you really haven’t gained much.  IF you want your kids to be part of the program, then you have to make it easy for them to participate.

A major problem with many closets is that they are home to everything from backpacks to snow pants, cameras to boots, and everything in between. Usually this is because there is really no place else to put this items.  So when organizing your coat closet you need to take these items into account as well.  You may have to come up with a creative way to accommodate everything and still have a closet that is easy to maintain.  If this seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry. The skilled craftsmen at Andy onCall® are more than capable of coming up with a plan for your closet that will meet all of your needs and then turn that plan into reality on time and on budget.